Hello Emma Fans. Last September, I was able to add over 5000 + High Quality screen captures of Emma Roberts as Sara in her latest horror film ‘Abandoned‘ to the gallery. Check them out via link bellow:

Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__01477.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__02409.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__02808.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__03051.jpg

Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__03396.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__04413.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__05401.jpg Abandoned_2022_1080p_BluRay__10953.jpg

Abandoned (2022) > Movie Screen Captures (Bluray)

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