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Published by Admin Published on February 25, 2023

On Thurday, February 23, Emma Roberts attended the Prada Fall/Winter 2023 Womenswear Fashion Show in Milan, Italy. Check out photos below:

Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_OutsideArrivals_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_OutsideArrivals_Italy_Feb2023_28229.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_OutsideArrivals_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_OutsideArrivals_Italy_Feb2023_28229.jpg

Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_Arrivals_Italy_Feb2023.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_Arrivals_Italy_Feb2023.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_Arrivals_Italy_Feb2023.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_Arrivals_Italy_Feb2023.jpg

Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_FrontRow_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_FrontRow_Italy_Feb2023_28229.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_FrontRow_Italy_Feb2023.jpg Prada_FallWinter_WomenswearFashionShow_FrontRow_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg

PradaFW23Dinner_AfterParty_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg PradaFW23Dinner_AfterParty_Italy_Feb2023_28229.jpg PradaFW23Dinner_AfterParty_Italy_Feb2023.jpg PradaFW23Dinner_AfterParty_Italy_Feb2023_28129.jpg

Prada Fall/Winter 2023 Womenswear Fashion Show in Milan, Italy | Outside Arrivals| February 23

Prada Fall/Winter 2023 Womenswear Fashion Show in Milan, Italy | Arrivals | February 23

Prada Fall/Winter 2023 Womenswear Fashion Show in Milan, Italy | Front Row | February 23

Prada FW23 Dinner & After-Party in Milan, Italy | February 23

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