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Jul 07 2023

Emma Roberts helped transform her Aunt Mela’s kitchen into a functional animal-friendly cooking space on Monday’s season six episode of Celebrity IOU on HGTV.
Though Aunt Moo, whose real name is Mela, isn’t related to Roberts by blood, the American Horror Story actress says it doesn’t make any difference to their extremely tight bond. As long as she can remember, Mela has always had her back. Roberts recalls all the support Mela has given to the star’s mom, who raised her alone until she was about seven years old.

The Scream Queens star also touched on all the ways Mela has spread her love and loyalty outside of their family: She works tirelessly at her self-owned hair salon, but in her free time, makes wigs and other hair pieces for cancer patients. She’s also “obsessed” with rescuing animals — especially dogs.


Roberts, with help from Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, was able to execute a total kitchen makeover while Mela was away in Oregon rescuing a new four-legged family member.

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