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The actor enlisted AD100 firm Pierce & Ward to help fashion a cozy yet sophisticated LA base for her and her young child.

The home is like a womb,” says actor and producer Emma Roberts (most recently seen in American Horror Story: Delicate), adding that her new Los Angeles residence is a place where she can feel protected and happy. “I haven’t always had that—I think I lived in 10 houses by the time I was 15—so for me now, having a son, I wanted a place that felt really ours.

After a few self-proclaimed “failed” attempts at decorating on her own, Roberts turned to star designers Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward of the AD100 firm Pierce & Ward, with whom she had worked on a previous residence. Their first step was simply to repaint the stark white walls a creamy ivory in order to begin bringing warmth, depth, and an air of timelessness to the space. “We want a house to look like it’s been there for 50 years,” says Pierce. “We never want a home to look new.

Keeping in line with this approach, they retained many pieces of furniture that Roberts already owned, doing things like reupholstering the sofa in the formal living room to give old possessions new life. They also incorporated much of the art that Roberts already had, and made room for her collections of dolls, books, and vintage magazines. “Minimalism is not my strong suit,” she says with a laugh. “Every house I’ve ever lived in feels a little bit like a cabinet of curiosities.” This element of repurposing, Ward points out, helps ensure the home doesn’t feel overly designed.

I loved the idea of making my very own grown-up dollhouse,” Roberts says, explaining that she was smitten with the place after seeing it advertised as a rental on Instagram. On a whim, Roberts went to check it out and ended up asking if the owner would consider selling it. When the owner said yes, it all began to feel meant-to-be for Roberts and her now three-year-old son, Rhodes. “I have a picture of the day we moved in,” Roberts says, smiling. “I’m holding him and it was the most sunny California day, and we were in front of the blue door of our new house. I just remember feeling like we are exactly where we need to be.

On her first visit, Roberts had taken one look at the cabinets in the living room and thought, “I can put all my books there.” At the time, the doors were inset with chicken wire, so anything on the shelves would be on full view. Pierce and Ward changed the open wire to solid caning to help create a sophisticated neutral backdrop for the room. This way, Roberts can continue collecting all the mismatched paperbacks she likes without the pressure to style them in any way. On nearby open shelves, many of her prized vintage editions are on display, amplifying the feeling of coziness and adding to the literary atmosphere.

Emma Roberts’s home appears in AD’s May 2024 issue. 


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