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Hey everyone. I Heart Emma Roberts has had some issues lately and lost so many files in our gallery, as well, posts but thanks to the amazing help from our host The Fan Carpet, as well, Maria from Estrella Design, it was able to get a back up until November 2022.
Please, bare with me as I’m trying my best to get everything that it’s missing, it might take a couple days but it sould get back on track really soon. Thank you for checking our fan site and hopefully you’re enjoying the work we’re doing. We aim to keep you update on all things Emma Roberts.Enjoy!
I’ve managed to add a lot of events from Emma’s ‘Maybe I Do’ Press Tour, recent campaigns for Prada and Saks Fifth Avenue.

TheKellyClarksonShow_January_2023_28229.jpg TheKellyClarksonShow_January_2023_28129.jpg TheKellyClarksonShow_January_Backstage_2023.jpg MaybeIDo_Screening_January_2023_28529.jpg

MaybeIDo_Screening_January_2023_281229.jpg WatchWhatHappensLive_AndyCohen_Backstage_January_2023_28229.jpg WatchWhatHappensLive_AndyCohen_January_2023_28129.jpg TheLateLateShowJamesCorden_BTS_January_2023.jpg

TheLateLateShowJamesCorden_January_2023_28229.jpg SaksFifthAvenuesNewYorkFashionWeekKickoffParty_NYC_February_2023_28429.jpg SaksFifthAvenuesNewYorkFashionWeekKickoffParty_NYC_February_2023_281929.jpg SaksFifthAvenuesNewYorkFashionWeekKickoffParty_NYC_Inside_February_2023_28329.jpg

SaksFifthAvenuesNewYorkFashionWeekKickoffParty_NYC_Inside_February_2023_28829.jpg KateSpadeFall2023ReadyWearRunwayShow_NYFW_February2023_281029.jpg KateSpadeFall2023ReadyWearRunwayShow_NYFW_February2023_282229.jpg KateSpadeFall2023ReadyWearRunwayShow_NYFW_FrontRow_February2023_28229.jpg

PradaCollection_Shoot_2023_28129.jpg PradaCollection_Shoot_2023_28229.jpg SaksSpingCampaign_Shoot_February2023_28129.jpg SaksSpingCampaign_Shoot_February2023_28629.jpg

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