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posted by: Admin The 2024 CMT Awards

As announced before, Emma Roberts hit the red carpet at the 2024 CMT Music Awards held at Moody Center on Sunday (April 7) in Austin, Texas. Emma was one of presenters during the annual country music video awards show. Photos below.

CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_28229.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_281529.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_281829.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_284929.jpg

CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_285329.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_285529.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_285929.jpg CMTMusicAwards_RedCarpet_April24_286129.jpg

CMTMusicAwards_AttendingFans_April24_28129.jpg CMTMusicAwards_AttendingFans_April24_28229.jpg CMTMusicAwards_AttendingFans_April24_28329.jpg CMTMusicAwards_AttendingFans_April24_28329.jpg

CMTMusicAwards_Backstage_April24_28129.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Backstage_April24_28329.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Backstage_April24_28429.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Backstage_April24.jpg

CMTMusicAwards_Show_April24_28229.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Show_April24_28629.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Show_April24_281429.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Show_April24.jpg

CMTMusicAwards_Social.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Social.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Social.jpg CMTMusicAwards_Social.jpg

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