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Set against the hazy daze of the Hamptons, we spent a delightful afternoon with actress Emma Roberts, talking great reads, chasing leads, and playing dress up with some of her personal favorites from our Spring collection.

D: What inspired you to create Belletrist? How does it provide an outlet for your creativity? What goes into the selection of each book?

ER: Belletrist started organically! My best friend and I wanted to share our love of reading with people. We noticed that a lot of our favorite books weren’t being featured in the places we would get our recommendations from, so we thought we’d create our own. The community has grown from there into something so much more than we anticipated.

ER: We choose our books by following our curiosity. We love new books, old books, and out-of-print books—anything that piques our interest goes on Belletrist. We now have a production side and are adapting some of the books we love into shows. Most recently we started filming season two of Tell Me Lies for Hulu, based on Carola Lovering’s book of the same name.

D: Your role in “American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two” feels like a new direction for you as an actress. What surprised you most about the role?

ER: I was pregnant during the COVID lockdown, which was its own mind trip. Playing a character who was pregnant after having my son brought me back to that time—it was a cathartic experience.

D: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and what advice do you give to those looking to get into acting?

ER: Don’t read about yourself! I think it’s the only way to stay remotely sane.

ER: For people wanting to get into acting, I would say to follow your interests. Don’t try to like certain material or trends because you feel like you should, and don’t feel like you have to put yourself out there at every turn. I think there is so much exposure expected of actors now and I don’t think it’s healthy.

D: How do you stay true to your signature style amidst the pressure of Hollywood…and red carpets?

ER: I’m lucky that my best friends (Kara and Brit Elkin) style me! They push me out of my comfort zone…in a comfortable way—I look forward to fittings because I know I’m going to love everything. When I’m not on the carpet, I’m a jeans girl.

D: When you’re not on set, what are the pieces you reach for? Do you have a “uniform”?

ER: Good denim is my staple and a great pair of Mary Janes or boots! I’m an avid vintage T-shirt and lace slip collector. Of course, Dôen dresses are always a go-to in my wardrobe as well.

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