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posted by: Admin Palo Alto Screen Captures

I’ve added over 3000 screen captures of Emma Roberts as April in Palo Alto to the gallery. Enjoy! I’m currently working to get more screen captures for Emma’s filmography, so stay tuned.

PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_0014.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_0153.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_0403.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_1647.jpg

PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_1955.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_2412.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_2952.jpg PaloAlto_IHER_1080p_4334.jpg

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