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Hello Emma fans. MGM Studios has finally released the official trailer and poster for Emma Roberts upcoming romantic comedy film About Fate,  which is set to debut in select theaters and digital everywhere on September 9.

The romantic comedy is a tale of two people who believe in love, but seem to never be able to find its true meaning. In a wild twist of events, fate puts each in the other’s path on a stormy New Year’s Eve and comedy and chaos ensue.

I’ve managed to add 4k screen captures, as well, two posters for the film.
AboutFate_Trailer4KUltra_2022_039.jpg AboutFate_Trailer4KUltra_2022_106.jpg AboutFate_Trailer4KUltra_2022_269.jpg AboutFate_Trailer4KUltra_2022_413.jpg
AboutFate_Posters_2022_28129.jpg AboutFate_Posters_2022_28229.jpg AboutFate_Posters_2022_28129.jpg AboutFate_Posters_2022_28229.jpg


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Emma Roberts is featured in the Montblanc’s Extreme 3.0 Collection. available since July from Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. Emma did a photo shoot and an interview discussing her career and what she is passionate about back when she was in Paris in June.

I’ve managed to add two photos from Emma’s photo shoot, as well, screen captures from her interview with Montblanc. Check out the photos over on the gallery now via the link below.
MontblancExtreme30Collection_June_2022_28129.jpg MontblancExtreme30Collection_June_2022_28229.jpg MontblancExtreme30Collection_June_2022_28129.jpg MontblancExtreme30Collection_June_2022_28229.jpg


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Check out some interviews of Emma Roberts talking about her new horror movie Abandoned.

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Vertical Entertainment has released the official trailer for Emma Roberts upcoming horror movie Abandoned, this morning.

Abandoned opens In Theaters June 17 (Friday) and will be available on Digital and On Demand June 24 (Friday)

Abandoned follows the sharply intense lives of Sara (Emma Roberts), her husband Alex (John Gallagher Jr.), and their infant son as they move into a remote farmhouse, which harbors a dark, tragic history. As their home’s past is revealed, the mother’s fragility escalates to a state of psychosis that jeopardizes her own safety and that of her newborn son.

Abandoned_Trailer_2022_098.jpg Abandoned_Trailer_2022_247.jpg Abandoned_Trailer_2022_408.jpg Abandoned_Trailer_2022_481.jpg

Abandoned (2022) > Official Trailer (Screen Captures)

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She may have had a taste of the British boarding school experience in Wild Child, but how will March cover star Emma Roberts fare as she tackles Tea With Tatler? Find out in Tatler’s fabulous new video, and don’t miss the March issue, on sale now. Directed and edited by Michael Saint-Onge.

I have also added HQ screen captures of Emma‘s interview with Tatler to the gallery. Check them out over on the gallery now via the link below.

EmmaRoberts_TeaWithTatler_2022_003.jpg EmmaRoberts_TeaWithTatler_2022_013.jpg EmmaRoberts_TeaWithTatler_2022_038.jpg EmmaRoberts_TeaWithTatler_2022_141.jpg

Screen Captures > 2022 > Tea with Tatler